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Mark of Ephesus

Saint Arsenius, Archbishop of Kerkyra (Corfu); Saint Anthony Rawah the Qoraisite; Saint Anthony, hermit of Georgia; Virgin-Martyr Euphrasia of Nicomedia; Venerable Macarius the Great of Egypt; Saint Macarius of Alexandria (the Citizen); Saint Macarius the faster and deacon of the Lavra of the Kiev Caves (Near Caves); Saint Macarius, another deacon at the Lavra of the Kiev Caves (Far Caves); Saint Macarius the Roman of Novgorod (see also August 15); Saint Mark Eugenikos, Archbishop of Ephesus; Saint Meletius the Confessor (Gallesiote), monk; Righteous Theodore of Novgorod, the Fool-for-Christ; Saint Macarius the Stylite of Martkobsk, Georgia; Saint Branwalator, monk of Jersey; Hieromartyr Blaitmaic, Abbot of Iona, and his companions. Other events: the miracle wrought by St. Basil the Great at Nicaea, when he opened the gates of the church (see also January 1); the translation of the relics of St. Gregory the Theologian to the Church of the Holy Apostles in Constantinople during the reign of Constantine Porphyrogenitus; opening of the relics of St. Sabbas of Storozhev or Zvenigorod (see also December 3)