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St. John the Forerunner

First (4th century) and Second (452) Findings of the Precious Head of St. John the Baptist. Saint John the Harvester (Theristos), of Calabria (9th century). Martyrs Montanus, Lucias, Julian, Victoricus, Flavian, and their companions, at Carthage (259); Saint Primitiva (Primitivus), an early martyr, probably in Rome; Saint Modestus, Bishop of Trier in Germany and Confessor (489); Saint Praetextatus (Prix), Bishop of Rouen in France and Martyr (586); Saint Liudhard (Letard), Chaplain and Bishop of Queen Bertha of Kent (c. 600); Saint Æthelberht of Kent, King of Kent (616); Saint Boisil of Melrose Abbey (664); Saint Cummain Ailbe (Cumine the White), Abbot of Iona (669); Saint Betto, a monk at Sainte Colombe in Sens in France, became Bishop of Auxerre in 889 (918); Venerable Erasmus of the Kiev Caves Monastery (c. 1160); Other Commemorations: Uncovering of the relics (1486) of St. Romanus, Prince of Uglich (1285)