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The Holy Trinity

Saint Leo, Bishop of Catania in Sicily; Saint Agatho (Agathon), Pope of Rome; Hieromartyr Sadoc (Sadoth), Bishop of Persia, and 128 martyrs with him; beheading of Saint Cornelius, Abbot of the Pskov Caves, and his disciple Saint Bessian of Murom; Saint Agatho (Agathon), Wonder-worker of the Kiev Caves; Saint Bessarion the Great, Wonder-worker of Egypt (see also June 6); Saint Cindeus, Bishop of Pisidia; Saint Plotinus, monk; Abbot Macarius and 34 monks and novices of Valaam martyred by the Lutherans; Saint Bolcan, Bishop of Derkan; Saint Colgan, Abbot of Clonmacnoise; Saint Mildred of Thanet, Abbess of Minster