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Saint Edward the Martyr of England

Righteous Martinian, monk of Caesaria in Palestine; Holy woman Zoe and Virgin Photina; Saint Stephen Nemanja (in monasticism Symeon) the Myrrh-gusher, prince of Serbia, founder of Hilandar Monastery on Mount Athos; Saint Eulogius, Archbishop of Alexandria; Saint Joseph of Volokolamsk; Apostle-Martyrs Aquila and Priscilla; Saint Seraphim, Archbishop of Boguchar, Wonder-worker of Sofia; Saint Ermenhilda, Abbess of Ely and Queen of Mercia; Saint Huna, Hieromonk of Huneya; Saint Modomnoc, Bishop of Ossory; translation of the relics of Saint Edward the Martyr, king of England. Other events: repose of Archbishop George Konissky of Belo-Russia and Abbess Seraphima of Sezenovo