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Our father among the saints Nicholas of Japan, Equal to the Apostles (August 1, 1836 – February 3, 1912), brought Orthodoxy to Japan. He was sent to Japan as a missionary by the Church of Russia. He worked tirelessly among the Japanese people and established there the Church of Japan. His feast day is February 3.

Throughout his life, St Nicholas set an example of a true spiritual director wholly devoted to his ministry. He was a man of inexhaustible energy, firm commitment, and outstanding efficiency. He said once: "I consider it inappropriate for a missionary to retire unless he is totally unable to serve. I have never tried on a 'robe de chambre,' not even in my dreams. I would better die on the field where God's Providence destined me to plough and sow."

His private life was that of an ascetic. He never tried to perform any special feat, but rather surrendered his entire soul to God. His life was marked with hardships and willfulness, self-appraisals and tiredness, and the feebleness of an old man. However, the saint's life was a clear manifestation of success in overcoming these hardships through the fulfilment of Christ's commandments, shown to the whole world.

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