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The Holy Trinity

Prophet Zephaniah (Sophonias) (635-605 b.c.); Martyrs Agapius, Seleucus, and Mamas, Indus, Domna, Glycerius, and 40 Martyrs, in Sofianá; Venerable Theodoulos (Theodoulus the Stylite), Eparch of Constantinople (440); Venerable Theodoulos the Cypriot, monk; Saint John the Silent (John Hesychastes), Bishop of Colonia (Taxara) in Armenia, and later a monk of St. Sabbas Monastery (558); Hieromartyr Patriarch Theodore I of Alexandria, Archbishop of Alexandria (607-609); Saint Lucius (Lucios) of Britain, British noble who asked that missionaries be sent to Britain, founding the dioceses of London and Llandaff (2nd c.); Martyr Cassian of Tangier (298); Saint Mirocles, Archbishop of Milan and Confessor, helped develop the Ambrosian Liturgy and chanting (318); Martyr Agricola, in Pannonia; Martyrs Claudius, Crispin, Magina, John, and Stephen, in Africa; Saint Ethernan, born in Scotland, became a bishop in Ireland, returned to preach the Gospel in Scotland; Saint Birinus (Birinos), Bishop of Dorchester-on-Thames, "Apostle to the West Saxons", Enlightener of Wessex (649); Saint Eloquius (Eloque), disciple and successor of St Fursey as Abbot of Lagny (660); Saint Attalia (Attala), a niece of St Ottilia, she became a nun and Abbess of St Stephen's in Strasbourg (741); Saint Sola (Sol, Solus, Suolo), Anglo-Saxon missionary priest under St. Boniface (Germany) (794); Saint Abbo of Auxerre, Bishop of Auxerre (860); Saint Sabbas of Storozhev (Sabbas of Zvenigorod), Abbot of Storozhev in Zvenigorod, disciple of St. Sergius of Radonezh (1406) (see also January 19); New Hieromartyr Gabriel II of Constantinople, (previously Bishop of Ganos), at Prusa (1659); Saint Ilarion (Hrihorovish), Native of Chernihiv, Monk of the Kyiv-Bratsky Monastery, Bishop (1759); New Monk-Martyr Cosmas of St. Anne's Skete on Mount Athos (1760); Saint George of Cernica and Caldarushani, Archimandrite, Romania (1806); New Martyr Angelus (Angelos) of Chios, formerly a doctor of Argos (1813); New Hieromartyr Andrew (Kosovky), Protopresbyter of Simferopol-Crimea (1920); Saint Parasceva (Rodimtseva), Abbess of Toplovsky Convent in Simferopol (1928); New Hieromartyr Nicholas (Yershov), Priest of Yaroslavl-Rostov (1930 or 1937); Saint Gregory, Confessor (1960); Other commemorations: Repose of King Magnus II of Sweden and Valaam (Magnus IV), Gregory in schema (1371); Repose of Archimandrite Theophanes of Novoezersk Monastery in Novgorod (1832); Commemoration of Nun Rafaela (Chernetska) of Zhitomir (2005).