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The Nativity of Christ

Afterfeast of the Nativity of Christ; the 14,000 infants (Holy Innocents) slain by Herod at Bethlehem; Saint Marcellus, Abbot of the Monastery of the Unsleeping Ones; Saint Thaddeus, confessor, of the Studion; Saint Benjamin, monk of Nitria in Egypt; Saint Athenodoros, disciple of St. Pachomios the Great; Saint George, Bishop of Nicomedia; Saints Mark the Grave-digger, Theophilus, and John of the Kiev Caves; Saint Theophilus of Luga and Omutch; Saint Evroul, Abbot of Saint-Evroul; commemoration of all Orthodox Christians who died from hunger, thirst, the sword, and freezing. Other events: repose of Elder Basiliscus of Siberia; founding of the Church of the Forty Martyrs