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The Holy Trinity

Martyr Boniface at Tarsus in Cilicia and Righteous Aglae (Aglaida) of Rome; Martyrs Elias, Probus, and Ares, in Cilicia; Martyrs Polyeuctus at Caesarea in Cappadocia and Timothy the deacon in Mauretania; Saint Boniface the Merciful, Bishop of Ferentino; Saint Gregory, Archbishop of Omirits; Saint Elias of Murom, Wonder-worker of the Kiev Caves; Martyrs Hermylus and Phocas; Hieromartyr Capito, Bishop of Cherson; Martyrs Eutyches and Thessaloniki and with them 200 men and 70 women; Martyr Tryphon; Righteous Gregentius, Bishop of Ethiopia; repose of Priest-martyr Hermogenes, founder of Kirensk and Albazin Monasteries in Siberia