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The Holy Trinity

Hieromartyr Eleutherius, Bishop of Illyria, and his mother Martyr Anthia (Evanthia); Saint Paul of Mount Latros; Saint Stephen the confessor, Archbishop of Surozha in the Crimea; Martyr Eleutherius at Constantinople; Saint Pardus, hermit of Palestine; Martyr Bacchus the New; Martyr Susanna the deaconess of Palestine; Saint Tryphon, abbot of Pechenga or Kolsk, and his martyred disciple Jonah; New Hieromartyrs Joseph the Metropolitan of Petrograd, and Ilarion (Troitsky); New-Martyr Paul (Florensky); Martyr Koremon the Eparch and two executioners martyred with him; Hieromartyr Hilarion, Archbishop of Vereiya; Saint Nectarius of Bitel (Bulgaria); Saint Offa, monk of Essex