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St. Peter the Aleut

Saint Spyridon (Spiridon) the Wonder-worker of Trymithous; Saint Herman, Wonder-worker of Alaska (see also December 13); synaxis of the first martyrs of the American land (see also September 24): Hieromartyr Juvenal the Protomartyr of America, Peter the Aleut, and New-Martyrs Anatole of Irkutsk and Seraphim of Uglich; Hieromartyr Alexander, Bishop of Jerusalem; Martyr Synesius (Razumnik) (or Synetus) of Rome; Saint Therapontes, Abbot of Monza; Saints Amonathus and Anthus, monks; Saint John, Metropolitan of Zichon, founder of the Monastery of the Forerunner on Mount Menikion; Desert-dweller Flegont of Maksha River, Penza; Saint Finian, Abbot of Clonard and Skellig Michael