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{| style="margin:0 auto" align="center" class="toccolours"
|align="center" width="100%"|<font size=3>'''[[List of Monasteries in Australia|Monasteries in Australia]]'''</font>
|align="center" width="100%"|<font size=3>'''[[List of Australian monasteries|Monasteries in Australia]]'''</font>

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Monasteries in Australia
Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Australia
Male Monasteries: Pantanassa | St George | St John
Female Monasteries: Gorgoepikoos | Holy Cross
Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia
Male Monasteries: St John the Baptist | Archangel Michael | St Petroc | Holy Transfiguration
Female Monasteries: Lady of Kazan | Presentation
Other Jurisdictions
Male Monasteries: St Sava (Vic, Serbian) | St Sava (ACT, Serbian)
Female Monasteries: St Anna (Antiochian)