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St. Salome the Myrrh-bearer

Saints Isaac, Dalmatus and Faustus, ascetics of the Dalmatian Monastery at Constantinople; Saint Anthony the Roman, Abbot and Wonder-worker of Novgorod; Saint Cosmas, eunuch and hermit of Palestine; Holy Myrrh-bearer Salome; Martyr Razhden (Rajden) of Persia, and Tsromi, Georgia; Saint John, confessor, an abbot of the Monastery of Patalaria; Saint Theoctistus the Wonder-worker of Optimaton; Venerable Theoklites and Theodora; Hieromartyr Stephen, Pope of Rome (see also August 1); repose of Schemahieromonk Ignatius of Harbin; translation of the relics of St. Olaf of Norway