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Our Lord Jesus Christ

Procession of the Precious Wood of the Life-giving Cross of the Lord; Holy Seven Maccabees: Martyrs Abimus, Antoninus, Gurias, Eleazar, Eusabonus, Alimus, and Marcellus, and their mother Solomonia and their teacher Eleazar ; Nine Martyrs of Perge in Pamphylia: Leontius, Attius, Alexander, Cindeus, Minsitheus (Mnesitheus), Cyriacus, Mineon (Menaeus), Catanus, and Eucleus; Martyr Papas the New; Martyr Eleazar; Martyr Cyricus; Martyrs Theodore and Polyeuctus; Martyrs Menas, Menais, and others of England; Martyr Elessa of Cythera; Saint Timothy the Wonder-worker, Archbishop of Priconissus of Peloponnesus; Saint Ethelwold, Bishop of Winchester; Virgin-Martyr Sidwell of Exeter; Saint Eusebios, Bishop of Vercelli; Saint Kenneth, Monk of Ploumelin