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Our Lord Jesus Christ

Venerable Joseph the Hymnographer; Venerable George, monk of Mt. Maleon in the Peloponnesus; Saint Zosimas, monk of Palestine; Virgin-Martyr Pherbutha (Phermoutha) of Persia, her sister and servants; Saint Theonas, Metropolitan of Thessaloniki; Venerable Zosimas, abbot of Vorbozomsk; New Hieromartyr Nicetas the Albanian, of Mount Athos; Venerable Joseph the Much-ailing of the Kiev Caves; Saint Isidore the Bishop of Seville; blessed martyrs and fathers of the St. David-Gareji Monastery; Saint George Mtsire of Georgia; Righteous Plato the Studite, Abbot of the Studion; Nicetas the Hieromartyr, struggler of Serrai; Martyrs Theodoulos the reader and Agathopodos the deacon of Thessaloniki; Saint Poplios of Egypt, monk; Saints Theonas, Symeon, and Pherbinos, of Egypt; Icon of the Most Holy Theotokos "The Life-giving Spring"; repose of Elder Savvas of Mount Athos