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St. Joseph the Hymnographer

Martyrs Dius, Bithonius, and Galycus (3rd century); Martyr Elpidephorus (3rd century); Martyrs Cassius, Philip, and Eutychius, of Thessalonica (304); Martyr Ulphianus of Tyre (306); Virgin-martyr Theodosia of Tyre (308) (see also April 2) Martyrs Evagrius, Benignus, Chrestus, Arestus, Kinnudius, Rufus, Patricius, and Zosima, at Tomis in Moesia (c. 310); Venerable Illyrius, monk of Mount Myrsinon in the Peloponnese; Venerable Nicetas the Confessor, Abbot of Medikion (824); Venerable [[[Joseph the Hymnographer]], of Sicily (883) (see also April 4); Saint Pancras of Taormina (Pancratius), consecrated by the Apostle Peter and sent to Taormina in Sicily where he was stoned to death (c. 40); Saint Sixtus I (Xystus), Pope of Rome from 117 to c 125, sometimes referred to as a martyr (c. 125); Saint Fara (Burgundofara) of Eboriac (now Faremoutiers) (657); Saint Attala (Attalus), a monk and abbot of a monastery in Taormina in Sicily (c. 800); Saint Nectarius, founder of Bezhetsk Monastery, Tver (1492); New martyr Paul the Russian at Constantinople (1683) (see also April 6); Other Commemorations: Synaxis of the Icon of the Most Holy Theotokos "The Unfading Rose" ("The Unfading Blossom, The Flower of Incorruption"). Repose of Elder Amphilochios (Makris) of Patmos (1970).