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I recently purchased a book entitled Saint Andrews Service Book from the Antiochian Church. I was under the impression that this book (which is *in* print) was the an official liturgical book. Am I wrong? Joffridus

Re: the Saint Andrew's Service Book - the text is only in use, afaik, by St. Andrew's in Eustis, FL (and possibly not even there anymore.) Whomever posted the original information was correct: I've yet to see it in use at a WRO parish, or suggested by a WRO priest. Generally, the WRO use corrected copies of Roman Catholic or Anglo-Catholic (Anglican) service books which date from the latter half of the 19th c./ first half of the 20th c. According to the AWRV Ordo (printed most years by St. Luke's Priory Press) the cutoff date is '1950' for vestments, which seems to be a general rule for service books as well. - Aristibule

If I recall correctly, the SASB contains a letter in the front from Metropolitan PHILIP sayin that it is authorized for use in the Archdiocese. If so, it isn't correct to describe The Orthodox Missal as the "only" authorized service book. --Fr Lev 09:43, March 8, 2006 (CST)


The term we use on OrthodoxWiki is usually "mainstream" rather than "canonical," as there really isn't agreement on what the latter constitutes. In any event, I don't think a mention of that is even required, honestly. The purpose of our articles is to be descriptive, not to prescribe practices or to make judgments on canonicity.

See: OrthodoxWiki:Style Manual#Neutrality and the OrthodoxWiki Bias

--Rdr. Andrew 18:57, 30 Mar 2005 (EST)