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I recently purchased a book entitled Saint Andrews Service Book from the Antiochian Church. I was under the impression that this book (which is *in* print) was the an official liturgical book. Am I wrong? Joffridus

Re: the Saint Andrew's Service Book - the text is only in use, afaik, by St. Andrew's in Eustis, FL (and possibly not even there anymore.) Whomever posted the original information was correct: I've yet to see it in use at a WRO parish, or suggested by a WRO priest. Generally, the WRO use corrected copies of Roman Catholic or Anglo-Catholic (Anglican) service books which date from the latter half of the 19th c./ first half of the 20th c. According to the AWRV Ordo (printed most years by St. Luke's Priory Press) the cutoff date is '1950' for vestments, which seems to be a general rule for service books as well. - Aristibule


The term we use on OrthodoxWiki is usually "mainstream" rather than "canonical," as there really isn't agreement on what the latter constitutes. In any event, I don't think a mention of that is even required, honestly. The purpose of our articles is to be descriptive, not to prescribe practices or to make judgments on canonicity.

See: OrthodoxWiki:Style Manual#Neutrality and the OrthodoxWiki Bias

--Rdr. Andrew 18:57, 30 Mar 2005 (EST)