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Dating of this Saint

Is this Saint Theodore, Prince of Ostrozh? According to the OCA he is the great-grandson of Svyatopolk-Michael, Prince of Turov who lived 1080-1093. Therefore, this dating would place Saint Theodore not in the eleventh century but much later. In accordance with the OCA biography Theodore is mentioned in the year 1386, when the Polish King Jagiello affirmed his hereditary possessions of the Ostrozh district. They also say that the date of his death is not known but assumed to be towards the middle of the fourteenth century since the last known date was 1441 whereupon he entered into a monastery ... Ixthis888, 10.00AM August 11, 2011 EST.

Ok, I am confusing myself ... since, I had already looked into this about a year or go or some. Any assistance in distinguishing between the two would be appreciated. Ixthis888.