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Mount Royal and Brothers

A few corrections:

The monastery of Our Lady of Mount Royal and the Church of Christ on the Mount (Christ on the Mount being the "Mount Royal") was that received in 1962 by Bishop Dositheus of the Moscow Patriarchate. Brothers left the Moscow Patriarchate in 1963, and Dom Augustine (Whitfield) was elected his replacement. Neither Brothers or Whitfield every was consecrated an Orthodox bishop (both had been 'Old Catholic' bishops). From 1963 onwards, Dom Augustine was the Abbot of Mount Royal - which was not located in Jacksonville, FL until 1989-1993. From 1963, the Mount Royal property in Woodstock being lost (Brothers kept the building, Dom Augustine & Bishop Dositheus kept the monastic brotherhood), the community relocated to the Russian Cathedral in NYC where they served in a side chapel, or a Western altar set up in front of the Royal doors. This was all that was left of the MP Western rite - there was no 'Western Rite Exarchate of Moscow'. During the period that Dom Augustine led the Orthodox Mt. Royal inside the Russian Church, his contact with St. John Maximovitch is what led to the reception of Mt. Royal into ROCOR in 1975. Dom James (Deschene) later became prior - before founding Christminster in Providence, RI after Abbot Augustine's retirement and relocation to Florida. Between that period, Mount Royal had remained in the Northeast, and once relocated to Colorado in the late 1980s. *IF* Abbey of the Holy Name is descended from Brothers, it couldn't be Moscow Patriarchate. [Aristibule|Aristibule]