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Just a quick suggestion--

I've seen in pro-RC circles an awful mis-characterization of the Synod at Whitby, which is a shame. In fact, the Synod was Orthodox in its character and content. The text from the Penguin Classics translation of St. Bede's Ecclesiatical History indicates that when faced with two equally apostolic traditions (Nisan 14, Sunday-after), one from St. Peter as attested by the Roman Church, and one from St. John by way of the Ephesine Church, the council decided in favor of Sunday-after. The decision was based on the fact that St. Peter was the most pre-eminent of the Apostles (with the Lord promising him the keys to the kingdom) and the near-universal observance of that tradition.

So anyway, my suggestion would be to include more analysis of this point with perhaps some quotations from the text itself, if copyrights permit.

I'd do it, but I'm just way too busy.