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Note on List of Saints -- Cross-Referencing

I cross referenced the list of Saints given at the OCA link for the Saints of Siberia, against the same list over at the Russian Wikipedia article Собор Сибирских святых, and they were identical except for the following 3 exceptions I could not resolve (in bold):

The OCA list included one saint which was not listed on the Russian Wikipedia list:

  • "Peter, Metropolitan of Tobolsk. March 4 (†1820)"

The Russian Wikipedia list included the following 4 Saints, which were not present on the OCA list -- (I have added 2 of them to the article, since I found their names listed here on OW on their respective feast days; but I did not add the other 2, as I am unsure of their dates and feast days):

These 2 have been already added to the article (i.e. added to the OCA list)
These 2 names were not added to the article yet (pending further verification):

Angellight 888 18:15, May 31, 2012 (HST)