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This is not a Coptic website.

Orthodox Wiki is an Orthodox Christian website. The Orthodox Church accepts all Seven Ecumenical Synods, including the Synod of Chalcedon. Simply because the Copts also use the adjective "Orthodox" to describe themselves does not make Orthodox Wiki partially theirs. This would be like allowing Uniates to create an article describing Josaphat the Malevolent as a Saint simply because some Uniates call themselves "Orthodox in communion with Rome." Severus of Antioch was a hardened schismatic who is remembered by the Church as an enemy of the Holy Spirit, and that's simply how it is. If we want this website to be a reliable source of information for inquirers about Orthodoxy, we cannot allow another group out of communion with the Church to take over some of these articles. If they wish to start their own wiki page, they may, but this website belongs to the Orthodox Church.

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