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Talk:Seraphim of Sarov

The icon in the third external link, "Icon of the Mother of God 'of Tenderness' from Seraphim-Diveyevo which belonged to St. Seraphim (OCA)", is one that I have recently seen widely associated with St. Seraphim on-line, but I am doubtful as to its correctness. This is not the icon that St. Seraphim is shown venerating in his own icons.

Another icon of the Theotokos is more widely associated with St. Seraphim, and I think this one is more reliable. See, for example:

Meanwhile, I believe the icon that is being labeled as "Seraphim-Diveyevo" is actually associated with Pskov-Pechersk (Pskov Caves), as per this page: BALawrence 14:53, August 7, 2007 (PDT)

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