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Differences with Other Canons

ISTM that up until the Second Vatican Council, the numbering of the Roman Catholic editions of the psalter was that of the Septuagint. I'm fairly sure the Vulgate and preconciliar prayerbooks list the Miserere as Psalm L. The shift in numbering is a reflection of the increased participation of Roman Catholics in critical textual scholarship, which was until the middle of the twentieth century dominated by Protestants. (I personally lament this and similar well-intentioned but confusing and misguided shifts in numbering the psalter by Orthodox Christians.)

Any chance you could cite some sources for this? I'd be interested to see this -- I was unaware that the RCC had changed its numbering. The Coverdale and 1611 KJV Psalters (which, though Protestant, pre-date modern textual criticism) I have both have the Miserere mei as Psalm 51 (i.e., the MT numbering). This Douay-Rheims has it as 50, though. --Rdr. Andrew 21:50, 19 Jan 2005 (CST)