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Vacant See

In March of 2007, Metropolitan Nikitas was appointed Director of the Patriarch Athenagoras Orthodox Institute and has relocated to California. See and also the Press Release at —The preceding unsigned comment was added by Stmitrophan (talkcontribs) .

Why write "VACANT"? Who told you so? This is an undocumented claim. There is no official announcement yet coming from the Office of the Ecumenical Patriarchate that the Episcopal seat of OMHKSEA is "VACANT". Let us wait for further OFFICIAL announcement before jumping into conclusion based on CONJECTURES and bad RUMORS.

-Filipino at 11:35, June 30, 2006


This section is usually for the bishop of a particular see. However, this metropolis has so many exarchates that I thought it best to include the chief priests for each exarchate. This does not mean, however, that every priest should be listed - this should be done in on the OMHKSEA website, or at the most (and the need is very dubious), in its own article. — edited by sτévο at 23:19, July 15, 2006 (CDT)