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This article has significant importance to me. As this Saint is from my fathers village of Psari it is also the reason why I have created this article as little is known about him. St Nicholas was granted a visition by Christ just prior to his martyrdom and the icon I uploaded shows this ... Alos, now you all know why my User name is Ixthis! Firstly, because Ixthis is the ancient acronym for Christ but it is also the original name of this village (my heritage), which is now called Psari; both words mean the same thing: FISH! ~ Ixthis888, 31/7/2011 6:43PM EST.


Wsk, I find it frustrating when you add that the source of information is from a particular site, in this case Mystagogy. It is misleading since it assumes that information was used from the sites you put in. I dont think it is appropriate to assume that someone "used" information from somewhere. Could you please clarify with the person who is starting the article that the "source" is infact the "source" they are using? As it turns out, the source of information for Mystagogy is from a Greek site and thus IT should be referenced not John. In my case, the source of information (thus far) is "me" and what I know from Greek and my correspondence with people from the village of Psari via email. Thank you for alerting me to the article, it will make the translation much easier. ~Ixthis888, 1/8/2011 7.39AM.

Sorry, it should have been labeled External link. Wsk 00:14, August 1, 2011 (UTC)
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