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I personally think this article should be re-titled "The Midnight Office", because this is the most common term used in English, at least in my experience -- see the Lenten Triodion, for example.

-Fr. John Whiteford 3/20/2007

I think it would nice if someone could create a cross-reference of same names for different services. Such as the common name, the Greek name, the Slavonic name, and other names. This would be helpful especially for: Memorial service, Parastas, Panikhida, Pomen, Molebin, Vigil, Vespers, Matins, Orthros, Compline, Nocturne, and Hours. Andrew 05:40, March 20, 2007 (PDT)

Problem with footnotes

The footnotes are imported from the main wikipedia... however, the template doesn't seem to work on our site. Is there an easy fix for it?

Also, I agree with your idea... I'll try to work on a cross reference list.

-Fr. John Whiteford