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New: Reader Andrew, would you please identify yourself or at least which church you belong to. I understand your desire to express your opinions on the internet, but in fairness you really have a duty to say so up front that you are expressing "OPINION". To claim to represent the Orthodox Church while writing about a Roman Catholic church disguised as a phony Orthodox church is untruthful. This is precicely why there has always been conflict between Orthodox Slavs and Rome's determination to convert Orthodox by any means available, including outright lying.

The Roman church broke away from the Orthodox Church in 1054. Get used to it.

Reader Michael (OCA)

Hmm... Special:UserList doesn't seem to exist yet.

Oops, try Special:Listusers

Ah. That's better.

Hmm... I notice you haven't deleted my old Frjustin account yet. And it looks like you need a home/user page of your own yet!

Haven't found a way to delete it yet, except by going into the database. :-(. That's ok though, not a big deal. FrJohn

Nice logo - same one I have on my business card... but perhaps a bit more colour would be nice? Something like this? ICXC+NIKA logo

Also, why is it blinking intermittently? FrJustin

Don't know about the blinking! Yep, the color definitely looks better -- does it have a transparent background or just white? I think transparent would be best, but I'm not skilled enough with Photoshop to make it happen. Thanks for your work!

The background is indeed transparent. And, hmm... It's not blinking anymore! FrJustin

The Wikipedia discussion has been moved to Meta Reflections.

Bottom section

I moved the bottom section to OrthodoxWiki:Welcome and expanded it a bit there. Visually and conceptually, it seemed like it shouldn't be right in front like that, mainly because it gives the impression of something a little less polished than what we actually have. (And polish helps to attract more folks to read and edit.)

Should we have something else at the bottom? Perhaps another menu, but including what?

Rdr. Andrew 18:53, 13 Feb 2005 (CST)

That's a good call. I think it's fine for now, too. Maybe we could add one or two self-descriptive starting points...

You wrote: "polish helps to attract more folks to read and edit"

I'm not sure how many folks speak polish. It might not attract that many people, but russian or greek might help. This brings up a slightly related, but inverse point, which is that we could simplify the top sentence and take out the "English" part. OTOH, we could leave it in to emphasize our willingness to branch out into other languages. Fr. John
Polish has approximately 46 million speakers in the world. Are we up to that many visitors yet?
I'm ambivalent on the "English version" wording. I was "shamelessly modelling" us after Wikipedia.  :) --Rdr. Andrew 17:56, 14 Feb 2005 (CST)