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Hmm... Special:UserList doesn't seem to exist yet.

Oops, try Special:Listusers

Ah. That's better.

Hmm... I notice you haven't deleted my old Frjustin account yet. And it looks like you need a home/user page of your own yet!

Haven't found a way to delete it yet, except by going into the database. :-(. That's ok though, not a big deal. FrJohn

Nice logo - same one I have on my business card... but perhaps a bit more colour would be nice? Something like this? ICXC+NIKA logo

Also, why is it blinking intermittently? FrJustin

Don't know about the blinking! Yep, the color definitely looks better -- does it have a transparent background or just white? I think transparent would be best, but I'm not skilled enough with Photoshop to make it happen. Thanks for your work!

The background is indeed transparent. And, hmm... It's not blinking anymore! FrJustin