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This article will need some serious work in order for it to conform to NPOV standards, especially as this particular group is the subject of much controversy. I'm also concerned that this article, as it now stands, may violate copyright from this site.—Fr. Andrew talk contribs (THINK!) 19:20, December 20, 2005 (CST)

Metropolitan Nahum of Strumica owns either in his own right or as diocesan bishop. He also owns in some right Premin Portal. The editor of Premin Portal says he is please to have this article posted on orthodoxwiki.

It cetainly does need some further elucidation.

However, the claims put forward there by Met Nahum have never been denied by the Serbian authorities.

chrisg 2006-05-01 : 0003 EAST

I'm sure that Archbishop Stefan as well as most of the bishops are elated that the material in question was used on Wikipedia. A larger issue in my mind is whether it is appropriate for Serbian propaganda to appear within the article and as one of the external links. I see it has been removed for now, but it is very insulting to have it continually appear unless a link from the Macedonian perspective is granted on the Greek and Serbian pages.

On another note ... the Columbus church link was incorrect. Since the present church was destroyed in an arson, the only functioning buildings are the current social hall and their new cathedral, which will be consecrated on October 22nd. The new building is being referred to as a Cathedral. Although there is no bishop, it is a rather nice building and probably worthy of that term.