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is 'currently controlled by schismastics', with reference to the Holy Transfiguration Monastery in Mansonville, NPOV? Is any group that is not in communion with SCOBA 'schismatic'? Surely they don't consider themselves schismatics. Richardson mcphillips1 21:21, November 5, 2007 (PST)

new entry?

St. Markos Evgenikos Holy Metropolis-GOC see Richardson mcphillips1 21:29, November 5, 2007 (PST) St Seraphim of Sarov ROCiE

Outrement or Montreal

St Nicholas Cathedral (ROCOR)'s web page says 'Montreal'. For those using Orthodox Wiki as a resource it might be better to say 'Montreal', or to give links to other pages that make it clear that Outrement is practically in Montreal. Richardson mcphillips1 21:38, November 5, 2007 (PST)

definition or links for all acronyms

for example, GOC can mean 'Greek Orthodox Church' or 'Genuine Orthodox Christians' (eg the Holy Metropolis). AOC means 'Antiochian Orthodox Church' but that Church calls itself '(the self-ruled) Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese of North America'.Richardson mcphillips1 21:48, November 5, 2007 (PST)