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On this and other articles that touch on very controversial subjects in the life of the church, it's all the more important to stand by NPOV - this means being careful to describe and document the controversy as thoroughly and dispassionately as possible from both sides without making a value judgment. As the wiki-moderator, this is what I will be looking for and supporting in subsequent edits.

That's why I changed the part about motives to the header "Controversy". Perhaps someone who knows the situation from the perspective of these groups will care to make a response, and someone who knows more details will fill them out. Fr. John 09:40, November 14, 2005 (CST)

Excellent point Father. I confess I don't have the best literary background to convey a NPOV. I think I make the article sound immature with phrases like "some question" or "some claim." I could stand to learn a thing or two in this regard. I appreciate the name change of that header, thank you. Joe ( talk » inspect » chat ) 10:29, November 14, 2005 (CST)