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Why did this page get protected? Nothing indicates editwars in the history or anything of that nature. — edited by sτévο at 15:25, June 6, 2006 (CDT)

I've found out why. — edited by sτévο at 16:07, June 6, 2006 (CDT)
Care to share your discovery? —Dcn. Andrew talk random contribs 17:34, June 6, 2006 (CDT)


A cautionary note - please do not change the title or responsibilities of/on this article to either 'Archdiocese' or 'Exarchate of Oceania'. The only reference for this is on the website of the Metropolis itself, and is not justified by any links to the website, nor by the most recent yearbook published by Ecumenical Patriarchate jurisdictions.

(References: GOA America produces an online version of the yearbook: see link, p.63 for New Zealand's entry, confirming it is a "Metropolitanate" (sic), and p.62 for Australia, confirming that Abp Stylianos is exarch of "Oceana" (sic)). — edited by sτévο at 02:34, June 8, 2006 (CDT)

If we can confirm that this does indeed represent a dispute between the NZ Metropolis/Archdiocese/Exarchate and the patriarchate (and not just a matter of publications being out of date), perhaps we could address this in the article itself. —Dcn. Andrew talk random contribs 06:44, June 8, 2006 (CDT)