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Other Narrative

Hi, as an Orthodox Christian, I feel that (and this thought extends to other topics also) if we are presenting an 'Encyclopedia of Orthodoxy' then what 'facts' do we use to populate the Encyclopedia? Do we use God's 'facts' (ie. Miracles that have been recorded within the scope of the Orthodox Tradition that prove a fact in a meta-physical way) or do we use human logic (ie. Historical evidence based on 'probabilities')? If so, should a human comment be supported with Theological discussion to explain why the Church may/may not support what is considered a human theory?

My point is, anyone who has visited the Church of St Demetrios will attest to the fact that underneath the church is a massive cave that has been credited as the location of his final martyrdom (not Rome). MANY MIRACLES FROM THE SAINT HIMSELF have been recorded in THIS place and it is very obvious that the town has the Saints blessing not some other location ... how can we using human based research/theories change a fact that the Saint himself has given his blessing to?

I think this is a very important distinction and removing these miracles from an Encyclopedia leaves open the scope to change Orthodoxy as it was passed down through tradition and thereby opening up "Orthodoxy" to no longer be the 'Body of Christ' as is a fundamental ENCYCLOPEDIC FACT and is what distinguishes its identity from religion(s). That is is instituted by Christ not by man ...

For me, this is very important because if I was not an orthodox and reading into Orthodoxy I would want to understand why Orthodoxy is always commented as having its own unique identity to the 'other Christian' religions ... that is FAITH!

Vasiliki - Ixthis888