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Hi. I recommend deletion of this article as it is a duplicate of Life-Giving Spring. All thie information in this article is already captured on the Life-Giving Spring article.
Cheers. Angellight 888 03:02, January 20, 2011 (UTC)

The text of this article, Life-giving Fount of the Theotokos, seems to be directed at the history of the churches that stood in Constantinople. Whereas, the Life-Giving Spring article starts addressing the feast day and icon and then adds the history of the churches. Thus, it has become an "all-encompassing" article. There are many other subjects in the wiki that also could be grouped together this way, leading to fewer articles. But, do we want to do that? Long all-encompassing articles!

If 'Life-Giving Spring' is the sole article then it should be edited, particularly the lead/head paragraph to address what the article is about, additional categories assigned, etc.

However, if the 'Life-giving Fount of the Theotokos' article were to remain, the article should be editing to emphasize that it is an article on the history of the church and then be referenced in the 'If Life-Giving Spring' article from which the church history text has been removed.

Personally, I like shorter articles directed at specific subject areas that response better to searches. Otherwise the wiki would be a series of "books" that each would need to be indexed to find specifics. Wsk 20:00, January 20, 2011 (UTC)