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Referencing Issue

Does anyone know how to reference a reference using the html code? I cant seem to achieve it right. Vasiliki 03:20, April 17, 2008 (UTC)

I usually put an inline reference, without using more html code. —magda (talk) 03:52, April 17, 2008 (UTC)

Anastasius Orlandos

There seem to be more hits on "Anastasios Orlandos" than on "Anastasius Orlandos." Also, was he a monastic? (If not, why is his last name in parenthesis?) Per the Style Manual, only the first mention of his name should be linked. —magda (talk) 04:35, April 17, 2008 (UTC)

Oh hi ... well, I changed the spelling to Anastasius because that is how Anastasius is spelled on the disambiguation page :-) My reason is as simple as that ... also, he was not a monk. He is highly regarded in the area of Christian Architecture and so he is important from an encyclopedic point of view but i didnt realise i should not put his name in brackets ... im so used to the bracket thing for the monks, priests and saints i sort of didnt think to look at the style manual :-) Vasiliki 04:41, April 17, 2008 (UTC)