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Found this at -- where do you guys think it should go? Thanks, Fr. John

The Ostkirchliches Institut of Regensburg, Germany ( publishes a useful reference booklet, ORTHODOXIA, which is a comprehensive list of all the bishops of the Orthodox churches in the world (EO, OO, and jurisdictions of debated status).

Its major value is the immense effort in tracing not only the names of the various bishops, but also their title and diocese, a brief bio, addresses, phone numbers and even e-mails. The publisher tries to have the list always up to date.

One of the greatest defaults is that the choice of the jurisdictions to include in the list defies any criterium (rational or otherwise), and could be termed at best as erratic, at worst as political.

Here is the number of bishops per jurisdiction in the 2002 edition (the 13th edition since 1982), which is the last that I have at hand; newer editions have however been printed.

Albanian Orthodox Church: 3 Patriarchate of Alexandria: 29 Orthodox Church in America: 13 Patriarchate of Antioch: 35 Armenian Apostolic Church: 75 Patriarchate of Bulgaria: 28 (plus 7 in the anti-patriarchate) Coptic Orthodox Church: 90 Orthodox Church of Cyprus: 10 Orthodox Church of former Czechoslovakia: 4 Eritrean Orthodox Church: 8 Estonian Orthodox Church: 1 Ethiopian Orthodox Church: 56 Orthodox Church of Finland: 4 Georgian Orthodox Church: 26 Orthodox Church of Greece: 97 Malankara Syrian Orthodox Church: 18 (plus 3 in opposing group) Orthodox Church of Japan: 3 Patriarchate of Jerusalem: 20 Orthodox Church of Mount Sinai: 1 Ecumenical Patriarchate: 113 Macedonian Orthodox Church: 8 Assyrian Church of the East: 12 Ancient Church of the East: 7 Polish Orthodox Church: 8 Patriarchate of Romania: 47 Patriarchate of Moscow: 166 (of which 4 in Moldova, 40 in Ukraine, 10 in Belarus) Old Believers (Belaja Krinitsa Concord): 12 Old Believers (Novozybkov Concord): 7 Patriarchate of Serbia: 38 Syrian Orthodox Church: 34 (of which 9 in India) Ukrainian groups: 35

Vicar Apostolic

Do we need this as a page on OrthodoxWiki, since it is described as an equivalent of something for which there is already a page? I think it could be adequately described on the Patriarchal Vicar page. —magda (talk) 21:13, May 17, 2006 (CDT)

Agreed. I think a redirect should suffice. --— by Pιsτévο talk complaints at 21:52, May 17, 2006 (CDT)
I'm of the opinion that we should perhaps have a section on the bishop article which handles all this, or perhaps have a separate episcopal titles article. —Fr. Andrew talk contribs (THINK!) 21:57, May 17, 2006 (CDT)
Ooh. I like the episcopal titles idea, maybe with a brief introduction on the bishop page. —magda (talk) 07:24, May 18, 2006 (CDT)
Since the various bishops titles are fairly close to the whole content of this page, I trimmed and put in Patriarchal Vicar. If it should go into a different article, it's all there. — by Pιsτévο talk complaints at 17:37, May 21, 2006 (CDT)


A bit silly perhaps, but I would be happy to see here also:

  • Their vestment and its symbolical meaning
  • Ceremony at the service (changing vestment, and chant sung along this ceremony)

Thanks! --Cat68 01:56, August 26, 2007 (PDT)