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Hey, why title the page "Bede" instead of "Venerable Bede"? Fr. John

Mainly because none of the other "Venerable" saints (and there are many) have their pages titled that way. The standard at this point has been to leave such titles out of article names. --Rdr. Andrew 10:47, 22 Apr 2005 (CDT)

Feast Day

I have found sources indicating the Ven. Bede's feast day is kept on May 25 (these are primarily Anglican), and I have found sources for May 27 (The ACA, the Roman Catholic Church, and the Western Rite Vicariate's own Ordo.) I've yet to find anything for May 26, as the article originally held, unless this is a Byzantine reckoning. (I also haven't found the Ven. Bede on a Byzantine calendar.)

I also inserted more information about his exegetical works. -- Ben Johnson