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The New Hierormartyr. Tikhon's Date

St. Tikhon was martyred on this date... but he was on the Old Calendar, and so the date he reposed was the feast of the annunciation.

I can understand putting him on this date for those on the new calendar, but this was not done for the Royal Martyrs (July 4th, o.s. not July 17th), the New Martyr Elizabeth (July 5th, not July 18th), the HM Vladimir of Kiev (January 25th o.s., not February 7th), or St. Jonah (October 7th, not October 20th)... all of whom died in this century, and are listed in the Orthodox Wiki calendar on the date of their repose on the Old Calendar.

So it would seem that for consistencies sake, St. Tikhon should be listed on March 25th.

Frjohnwhiteford 04:34, April 7, 2007 (PDT)