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Am I right that Metropolitan Antonio is an Old Calendarist bishop? --Arbible 12:19, August 28, 2006 (CDT)

His church (ie Orthodox Church in Italy) is Old Calendarist, so yes. If he is to be considered a bishop, his article needs renaming (I assume to 'Antonio (de Rosso) of Italy' or something similar), currently the implication is that he is a figure (i.e. not even a monk). — edited by Pιsτévο talk complaints at 06:52, August 29, 2006 (CDT)
Thanks. Not sure if Old Calendarists have valid bishops, so will remove the 'cat Bishops' until you/we confirm that he is a canonical bishop/metropolitan with valid Apostolic succession. --Arbible 08:25, August 29, 2006 (CDT)