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I think it's worth leaving in the fact that Clendenin knows what he's talking about more than most of the other writers linked here. -FrJohn

Agreed. I'm gonna "scholarize" the lingo a bit, then. --Rdr. Andrew
Great! FrJohn

Can anyone find a page in which to insert a link to this article? At the moment it exists in isolation... --Matrona 11:19, 14 Oct 2005 (EDT)

Non-Chalcedonian Polemics

I guess these have been resolved by official Eastern Orthodox Chuch hierarchy a decade ago. I am offended seeing the Coptic Orthodox Church listed as Anti-Orthodox under this category. For your information, we are a Church of martyrs up to this day: (this nun is said to have died few hours ago) (Muslim mobs are now surrounding the church (>15,000) and the situation is out of control) I think instead of fighting here we should pray for the persecuted Church around the world! I can assure you neither Christ nor our beloved Church need the seal of any Web site/group of people to approve her Orthodoxy.