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Conflation of Same Saint?

I am wondering if the entries for October 12 and October 29 refer to the same saint; I believe that both are Virgin martyrs, both are under Diocletian, both are circa 250 AD, both are named Anastasia. Yet there are entries here in OW for October 12 as well as October 29:

  • October 12: "Virgin-Martyr Anastasia of Rome"
  • October 29: "Martyr Anastasia the Roman"

The OCA - Feasts and Saints website shows an entry only for October 29; there is no Anastasia given for October 12 there. Seems to me it may very well be the same saint, but unsure. Just wanted to draw attention to this point.
Angellight 888 21:17, February 6, 2011 (UTC)