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'''The [[Synaxis]] of the Holy Fathers whose relics repose in the Far Caves of St Theodosius''',  is celebrated by the Church on [[August 28]].  They have their own individual days of commemoration, but the whole assembly of these monastic saints are remembered together on this day.  ([[Kiev Caves]]).
*[[Igumen]] [[Theodosius of the Kiev Caves|Theodosius]], the Founder ([[May 3]], [[August 14]], [[September 2]])
*[[Monk]] Agathon the Wonderworker ([[February 20]])
*[[Archimandrite]] Acindynus (+1235)
*Monk Ammon ([[October 4]])
*[[Bishop]] Amphilochius of Vladimir, Volhynia ([[October 10]])
*Monk Anatolius the Recluse ([[July 3]])
*Monk Aquila the Deacon ([[January 4]])
*Monk Arsenius, Lover of Labor ([[May 8]])
*Monk Athanasius the Recluse ([[December 2]])
*Monk Benjamin the Recluse ([[October 13]])
*Monk Cassian the Recluse ([[February 29]], [[May 8]])
*[[Elder]] Daniel (14th Century)
*[[Hieromonk]] Dionysius the Recluse ([[October 3]])
*Archimandrite Dositheus (+ 1218)
*Elder Eulogius (14th Century)
*[[Hieroschemamonk]] Euthymius ([[January 20]])
*Monk Gerontius the Canonarch ([[April 1]])
*Monk Gregory the Recluse ([[January 8]], [[August 8]])
*[[Schemamonk]] Hilarion ([[October 21]])
*Monk Hypatius the Healer ([[March 31]])
*Archimandrite Ignatius ([[December 20]])
*Monk Isidore the Recluse (12th-13th Centuries)
*Monk Joseph the Much-Ailing ([[April 4]])
*Monk Laurence the Recluse ([[January 20]])
*Monk Leontius the Canonarch ([[April 1]], [[June 18]])
*Monk Longinus the Gate-Keeper ([[October 16]])
*Hieromartyr Lucian the Priest ([[October 15]])
*Monk Macarius the Deacon ([[January 19]])
*Monk Mardarius the Recluse ([[December 13]])
*Monk Martyrius the Recluse ([[October 25]])
*Monk Martyrius the Deacon ([[October 25]])
*Monk Mercurius the Faster ([[November 4]], [[November 24|24]])
*Monk Moses the Wonderworker ([[July 26]], [[July 28|28]])
*Monk Nestor the Unlearned ([[October 29]])
*Monk Paisius ([[July 19]])
*Hieromonk Pambo the Recluse ([[July 18]])
*Hieromonk Pancratius the Recluse ([[February 9]])
*Monk Paphnutius the Recluse ([[February 15]])
*Monk Paul the Obedient ([[September 10]])
*Igumen Pimen the Faster ([[May 8]], [[August 7]])
*Monk Pior the Recluse ([[October 4]])
*Monk Rufus the Obedient ([[April 8]])
*Schemamonk Silvanus ([[June 10]], [[July 10]])
*Schemamonk Sisoes ([[July 6]])
*Monk Sophronius the Recluse ([[March 11]], [[May 11]])
*Monk Theodore the Silent ([[February 17]])
*Monk Theodosius (Prince Theodore) ([[August 11]])
*Archbishop Theophilus of Novgorod ([[October 26]])
*Igumen Timothy (+ 1132)
*Monk Titus the Soldier ([[January 27]], [[February 27]])
*Monk Zachariah the Faster ([[March 24]])
*Monk Zeno the Faster ([[January 30]])
==External links==
*[http://ocafs.oca.org/FeastSaintsViewer.asp?FSID=102418 Synaxis of the Saints of the Kiev Caves, whose relics repose in the Far Caves of the Venerable Theodosius] ([[OCA]])
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