Symeon (Du) of Shanghai

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His Grace Bishop Symeon (Du) of Shanghai was one of the bishops in the Autonomous Chinese Orthodox Church.

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  • 1865: The Russian Cossack-Albazinian ancestors of the future bishop settle in Beijing.
  • 1886 Feb 11: Fyodor Du born into the family of a church reader.
  • 1900: Boxer Rebellion occurs. His father, close relatives and himself miraculously escape death.
  • 1904: Fyodor completes theological seminary at the Orthodox Mission, Beijing. Serves as reader and catechist.
  • 1908: Fyodor ordained to diaconate by Bishop Innocent (Figurovsky). Assigned to Church of the Annunciation at metochion of the Mission in Harbin. Serves as deacon, missionary, treasurer and office manager.
  • 1919: Dcn Fyodor worked on publishing Russian textbooks for Harbian schools.
  • 1920-32: Began much missionary work in Shanghai, Hankou, Haimin, Kaifeng, Zhangde, Weihou, Baodingfu, Kalgan, Mukden Qiqihar and some Manchurian stations.
  • 1932: Dcn Fyodor lived in Tianjin.
  • 1934: Dcn Fyodor elevated to Protodeacon.
  • 1941 Sep 16: Ordained to the Priesthood. Fr Fyodor appointed to St Innocent Mission Church.
  • 1943: Elevated to Archpriest.
  • 1945: Fr Fyodor was awarded Palitza.
  • 1950 Jul 23: Tonsured a monk with the name Symeon.
Jul 25: Elevated to Archimandrite.
Jul 30: Consecrated to Bishop of Tianjin. Bp Symeon was consecrated in the Patriarchal Cathedral of the Annunciation, Moscow, by Patriarch [[Alexei I (Simansky) of Moscow|Alexei I, Metropolitan Nikolai of Krutisk and Kolomna, Metropolitan Elevferii of Prague and All-Czechoslovakia, Archbishop Victor (Svyatin) of Beijing and China, Bishop Flavian of Orlov and Briansk and Bishop Gavriil of Vologda and Cherepvetsk.
Sep 26: Bishop Symeon was transferred to be Bishop of Shanghai.
  • 1965 Mar 3: Bishop Symeon reposed during the Cultural Revolution.
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Symeon (Du) of Shanghai
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John (Maximovitch)
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