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[[Image:Parable of the Prodigal Son.JPG|frame|right|Parable of the Prodigal Son]]
The '''Sunday of the Prodigal Son''' is the second Sunday of [[Lenten Triodion|pre-Lent]], the weeks of preparation preceding [[Great Lent]].  It is the Sunday after the [[Sunday of the Publican and Pharisee]] and Sunday before [[Meatfare Sunday]].  This pre-Lent is the start of the [[Easter]] cycle of worship in the Orthodox Church.
On this Sunday in the preparation for Great Lent, Orthodox Christians are read [[Christ]]’s parable about God's loving forgiveness ([[Gospel of Luke|Luke]] 15:11-24).  They are to see themselves as being  in a foreign country far from the Father's house and to make the movement of return to [[God]], where we truly belong.  The parable gives assurance that the Father will receive them with joy and gladness in their journey through Great Lent, their journey home.
[[Kontakion]] (Tone 3)
:I have recklessly forgotten Your glory, O Father;
:And among sinners I have scattered the riches which You had given me.
:Therefore, I cry to You like the Prodigal:
:"I have sinned before You, O compassionate Father;
:Receive me a penitent and make me as one of Your hired servants."
==External link==
*[http://ocafs.oca.org/FeastSaintsViewer.asp?SID=4&ID=1&FSID=3 Sunday of the Prodigal Son] from [[OCA]] web site.

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