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[[Image:Forefathers.JPG|frame|right|Holy Forefathers]]
The '''Sunday of the Holy Forefathers''' is the Sunday that falls between December 11-17,  the second Sunday before the [[Nativity]].  The ancestors of [[Christ]] according to the flesh are remembered on this Sunday of the Nativity [[Fast]].
All the great Fathers and Mothers and [[Prophet]]s of the [[Old Testament]], starting with [[Adam]],  [[Abraham]], the Righteous [[Sarah]], [[Isaac]] and [[Jacob]], including Holy Prophet [[Elias]] and [[Daniel]], and concluding with Holy Prophet [[Zechariah]] (Zachary), [[Joachim and Anna]], Holy Prophet and Forerunner [[John the Baptist]] and The [[Theotokos]]. They lived before the Law and under the Law, especially the Patriarch Abraham, to whom God said, "In thy seed shall all of the nations of the earth be blessed" ([[Genesis]] 12:3, 22:18). 
[[Troparion]] (Tone 2)
:Through faith You justified the Forefathers,
:betrothing through them the Church of the gentiles.
:These saints exult in glory,
:for from their seed came forth a glorious fruit:
:She who bore You without seed.
:So by their prayers, O Christ God, have mercy on us!
[[Kontakion]] (Tone 6)
:You did not worship the graven image,
:O thrice-blessed ones,
:but armed with the immaterial Essence of God,
:you were glorified in a trial by fire.
:From the midst of unbearable flames you called on God, crying:
:Hasten, O compassionate One!
:Speedily come to our aid,
:for You are merciful and able to do as You will.
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