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A '''stylite''' is one who lives on a pillar (''style'' in Greek).  These holy [[saint]]s would remove their bodies from the ground for days, months, or even years in order that they might [[prayer|pray]] and [[fast]] better.  This did not mean that they were cut off from the world.  On the contrary, many people came from far and wide to learn from them.
The first stylite was St. [[Symeon the Stylite]] whose [[feast day]] is celebrated on [[September 1]].  Other stylites include:
*Father [[Daniel the Stylite]] (409-493), a disciple of Saint Symeon, whose feast is [[December 11]]
*Saint [[Symeon the New Stylite]] or the Younger (d. 592), whose feast is [[May 24]]
*Saint [[Alipios the Stylite]] (7th-8th century), whose feast is [[November 26]]
*Saint [[Lazarus the Stylite]] (968-1054), who fell asleep on [[November 8]]
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