Stefan Wu Zhiquan

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Archpriest Stefan Wu Zhiquan (大司祭斯特梵·吴志全神父; 1925-1970) was archpriest of Chinese Orthodox Church

Fr Stefan Wu was a Chinese born in Beijing at the Mission on January 28, 1925. The Russians also knew him by his Manchu surname Min.

He undertook theological training and served as reader in Ss Peter & Paul church in Hong Kong. Fr Stefan was musically trained as a choir director.

As a priest, he served as the last rector in Harbin at St Alexis church.

During the "Cultural Revolution" on May 17, 1970, he died in a Harbin prison after 3 years of incarceration and much suffering.

Before his temple they have put a table covered with sharp rubble, and on rubble they have put Archpriest Stefan on his knees. They have dressed him in clown's dressing gown, on his head they put up a cap, filled with metal shavings. His face was smeared with soot. During two days Father Stefan was beaten over the head with a wooden hammer, was beaten with steel sticks on shoulders, they spat on his cross, till, half-dead, he was taken to a prison hospital. They treated him lightly there and in the same prison they shot him.

Remains of the new martyr are resting in Orthodox cemetery Sankeshu near Harbin. His grave is currently located at the Huangshan Russian Orthodox Cemetery.