St. George "The Revealed One" Cell (Athos)

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The Cell of Saint George "The Revealed One" is a small monastic community on Mount Athos, which was home to the brotherhood of Hadji-Georgis and his spiritual children.

The Cell

The Cell of St George is located to the north of Karyes, towards Vatopedi Monastery.

The Brothers

After the repose of Hadji-Georgis, six of his spiritual children lived there, with the oldest, Elder Evlogios as their elder. Later, Frs Pachomios and George joined the brotherhood, therefore becoming spiritual grandchildren of Hadji-Georgis.

Elder Evlogios was a great struggler, and would say the Jesus Prayer without ceasing. On one occasion, after Frs Pachomios and George went to pick olives as their handiwork, thirty demons attacked Elder Evlogios. The elder couldn't not stand after this. After Frs Pachomios and George came back, they knocked on the door for their brotherhood, but as it was locked and Elder Evlogios could not hear or stand, Fr George had to go in through a window and then go to the elder's cell. To their surprise, they found the elder black and blue, and the elder told them what had happened.

Another time, Elder Evlogios was praying in his cell before a wooden cross. A devil got in through a window to torment the elder, but the elder saw the cross come off the wall and move closer to the devil. The devil disappeared, and the cross went back to where it was.

When the elder was 108, he knew that he was going to die, and predicted that Fr George would live until he was 80. Elder Evlogios, having received Communion, reposed On April 11, 1948.

Elder Pachomios, disciple of Elder Evlogios and spiritual grandson of Hadji-Georgis, also struggled for many years. On the Thursday before his repose, he called Fr George and asked him to purchase a large quantity of fish, to celebrate both St George's feast and the repose of Elder Pachomios, stating that he wouldn't be celebrating St George's with them. Fr George got the fish; then the next day, Elder Pachomios asked him to tell the fathers to arrange their work around the two feasts (of the funeral and of St George). The next day, Elder Pachomios sent for Father Demetrios to administer Communion. Afterwards, having given glory to God, he embraced the fathers present and he reposed on that day - April 22, 1974. On Sunday they had his funeral and memorial service, then the next day they celebrated St. George's day.

When Father George reached his eightieth year, he said that he would soon die, in accordance with Elder Evlogios' prophecy. A doctor, examining him, told him that he would live for another thirty years, but as soon as he reached 80, Fr George reposed.