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'''St. Barbara Monastery''' is a [[monastic]] community for women in the [[Diocese of the West (OCA)|Diocese of the West]] in the [[Orthodox Church in America]]. The monastery is located in Santa Barbara, California.  The community was founded in 1992 under the auspices of His Grace Bishop [[Tikhon (Fitzgerald) of San Francisco and Los Angeles|Tikhon]] of San Francisco and the West in downtown Santa Barbara, and then, in 1999, moved 10 miles north.
The community consists of women living the monastic tradition of a Christ-centered prayer life for the monastic members. To support the community the [[nun]]s produce icon magnets, notecards, greeting cards, as well as through writing, teaching, and operating a small bookstore.
<!--Currently the community is developing plans to build ...-->
Mother Melania (previously Sister Elayne), who was recently tonsured a little schema (Gr. stavrophor) nun, is one of the more active members of there community. She has participated as a guest speaker at various retreats, authored poetry and books and acted as guest presenter of podcasts and lectures for [[Ancient Faith Radio]]. Her books are published by [[Conciliar Press]] and include: "The Twelve Great Feasts for Children" (ISBN-10: 1888212411), "The 3-Day Pascha Series" and "The Passions: How we get into this mess and how we get out".
Some of her more prominent presentations include:
*[[January 26]], 2008 - "Monastic Spirituality in Everyday Life", St. Matthew Antiochian Orthodox Church.
*[[August 8]], 2007 - Project Mexico "Orthodox Basic Training Week"
*April, 2005 - The 29th Annual Southern Californian Diocesan Antiochian Women's Spring Retreat.
==Daily Life==
name=St. Barbara Monastery|
jurisdiction=[[Diocese of the West (OCA)|West]], [[Orthodox Church in America|OCA]]|
type=Female Monastery|
superior=[[Abbess]] [[Victoria (Shnurer)|Victoria]]|
size=7 [[nun]]s|
hq=Santa Barbara, California|
music=[[Russian Chant]]|
calendar=[[Revised Julian Calendar|Revised Julian]]|
feasts=[[December 4|4 Dec]]|
*Daily: 7:30am - Matins
::12:15pm - Sixth Hour (except when there is a Divine Liturgy)
::6:00pm - Vespers
::8:00pm - Compline
*Saturday: 6:00pm - Vigil
*Sunday: 8:40am Hours
:::9:00am Divine Liturgy
*Second Monday of the month: 7:00pm - Vespers, then gathering of the Friends of St. Barbara Monastery.
===Lenten Schedule===
*Daily: 7:30am - Matins
::12:15pm - Sixth Hour
*Mon, Tue, Thu: 4:00pm - Vespers
::::6:00pm - Compline
*Wed, Fri: 4:00pm - Presanctified Liturgy
:::7:00pm - Compline
*Sat: 6:00pm - Vigil
*Sun: 8:40am - Hours
::9:00am Divine Liturgy of St Basil the Great
==External links==
*[http://www.oca.org/DIRlisting.asp?SID=9&KEY=OCA-WE-STBSBM OCA Listing of Monastery]
*[http://omna.malf.net/barbara.htm Orthodox Monasteries of North America directory listing]
*[http://www.ocadow.org/dow_events/st_barbara.htm Photos] of 2005 feastday celebrations.
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